在意图 & 赌博的正规平台网站, we never underestimate the impact state and local tax (SALT) law can - and does - have on your business's bottom line. That's why we've established a team of SALT experts to stay up-to-date on the laws and regulations all business owners need to be aware of - especially if you conduct any portion of your business online. 从俄亥俄到佛罗里达, 从纽约到爱达荷州,以及两者之间的任何地方, 不遵守本州内外的法律将付出难以置信的代价.


We are proud to be able to offer our clients with a robust selection of state and local tax services, 包括:

分配 & 分摊的评论

One of the most challenging areas of income and related types of taxes is how you source your income. 有些收入被分配,有些收入被分配. 你知道其中的区别吗. 找出分配和分配审查如何能保护你的业务.

销售 & 使用税务合规和审查

你知道销售税和使用税在不同的州处理是不同的吗? 其中的细微差别足以让你晕眩. 我们的销售团队和使用税务专业人员可以通过您的业务运作, 豁免, 购买, 等., with a fine-tooth comb to make sure you are only paying what is expected of your business.

学分 & 优惠服务

你的企业能够创造就业机会. You're hiring people, adding fixed assets and generally helping to improve your local economy. Businesses like yours drive the economy and keep America moving forward – and the tax code and policy rewards your investment with credits & 激励. 请继续阅读,了解我们如何帮助你认领你的份额.


如果你在州外经营任何生意, 你可能有许多州的税务管辖区在关注你的公司. 一项关联研究将告诉你你的负债,并可以帮助你避免未来的税务问题. 继续阅读 to learn how a nexus study can ease your mind and strengthen your bottom line.


There's no way around it, if your business owes back taxes, you will have to pay up sooner or later. But, did you k现在 that you can limit your liability through a voluntary disclosure agreement? 请继续阅读,了解这个过程是如何工作的.


你是否打算收购另一家公司,或者卖掉自己的公司? 签任何东西之前,一定要先做功课. 如果不这样做,你可能会付出代价. 往下读,看看是怎么回事.


成千上万的企业每年都要接受税务审计, 包括销售, 使用或商业活动税. 当涉及到你的业务时,这不是一个是否的问题,而是 . Find out how our audit defense services can provide you with peace of mind while saving you money.


你的国内税务部门需要刺激吗? 我们可以帮忙. 请继续往下读.


Administrative and accounting departments are responsible for handling a multitude of business-related tasks. 继续读下去 想知道我们能帮你什么r staff with their state and local tax responsibilities.

Joe Popp,法学博士,法学硕士

作为意图的SALT服务主管 & 赌博的正规平台网站, Joe is committed to staying on top of all state and local tax-related matters while providing extensive internal and external educational programs in an effort to provide maximum client satisfaction. 他是SALT和平价医疗法案领域备受欢迎的思想领袖, 他是许多组织和出版物的定期演讲者和作家, 包括俄亥俄州注册会计师协会. 乔是哥伦布艺术与设计学院的兼职教授, 教学业务概念, 网赌正规网站排名和版权法. 约翰·J. 亚当斯纪念奖, he was also recognized as a Public Service Fellow with Dean's Special Recognition for his pro bono legal work at the Moritz College of Law. 了解更多关于乔的信息.

凯西LaMonica |州 & 当地税务|俄亥俄州注册会计师事务所凯西LaMonica

Kathy has been helping companies with their state and local tax issues for more than 15 years. 作为一个职业, 勤奋工作的, 注重细节的销售使用税务专家, 凯西为公司克利夫兰办事处的客户服务. 她擅长于公司销售和税务合规的所有领域, 税务技术解决方案的咨询和实施. Kathy在销售和税务合规方面有丰富的经验, nexus评论, 逆向审计和使用税务流程改进分析, 国家税务审计答辩, 免税证件管理及纳税计算软件实现. 她曾与许多不同行业的客户合作, 她主要关注大型多州/多实体制造企业. 她被公认为 顶点认证的专业 (O & Q系列),目前正在与Avalara进行类似的认证. 凯西获得了圣劳伦斯大学的文学士学位. 玛丽学院.  了解更多凯西.


寻找无与伦比的卓越客户服务和技术实力? 那就不要再看了. 斯科特是一个勤奋的人, detail-oriented professional who is k现在n for stopping at nothing to help his clients overcome their SALT-related challenges. 在印第安纳波利斯大学获得学士学位后, Scott entered the accounting industry in 2009 where he went on to develop his specialty in state and local tax. 从提供低付款审查, 撰写培训指南, serving as a point of contact for SALT-related questions to conducting codes and regulations research and nexus studies, Scott is always looking for ways to promote long-term business growth and sustainability. 了解更多关于Scott的信息.


拉马库斯是雷亚州和当地税务团队的主管成员, 为都柏林办事处的客户提供服务. 他有处理税务通知、准备个人和企业纳税申报表的经验. 同时,Lamarcus也擅长协助客户准备国产化销售 & 利用税务审计,进行福利计划和年终财务审计. 他在Wittenberg大学获得会计学士学位. 了解更多关于拉马库斯的信息.

总是问问题的13000个理由—— 如今,为了事业旅行(有时是很远的距离)已经不是什么新鲜事了. It’s also becoming more and more common for professionals to utilize their home offices as their primary work spaces. 但你是否每天都要忍受长时间的通勤, 在家远程办公,或者每个月有几次飞越国家的飞机, be sure to review your W-2s to determine whether the municipal taxes that are withheld from your paycheck are correct. 您可能会惊讶地发现,忽略这一行条目是多么容易. 这个案例研究将解释为什么.


软件简单性凯西LaMonica俄亥俄州注册会计师事务所From word processing to filing taxes, there’s a software solution for everything these days. 随着社会的不断变化,立法也改变了商业活动的方式, 有人正在努力开发解决这些变化的项目. 取 南达科塔州v. Wayfair例如,. 在一夜之间, the way companies calculated and paid taxes in the various states they do business changed. Fortunately, tech solutions were immediately available to make the changes a little more tolerable. 凯西LaMonica, 雷亚州和当地税务团队的高级经理和技术顾问, 与戴夫·凯恩一起 不合适的 to talk about the various tech solutions available and how they can save businesses from costly fines and penalties 现在 that Wayfair 这是国家的法律吗.




Wayfair 就像我们的主持人戴夫·凯恩(Dave Cain)描述的那样,“疯狂的小镇?.“现在各州已经实施了某种版本的 Wayfair, they’re looking at creating anti-avoidance rules that prevent businesses from taking advantage of loopholes to avoid taxation in a state (like splitting a business into two so that revenue falls below a certain threshold). But here’s where it starts getting crazy – states are farming out their state tax audits on a contingent fee! 我们将在2019年经历一段疯狂的旅程,我们将看到这一切的结果.


极端Nexus:南达科他州vs. Wayfair(播客)

Well, in case you haven't heard, the Supreme Court weighed in on the monumental 南达科塔州v. Wayfair案,南达科他州获胜. 乔·波普再次加入我们的节目 不适合意图 Radio to talk about what this ruling means for your business and what you can do today to prepare for the massive changes that are about to take place.


南达科塔州纪念碑vs. Wayfair案例

华盛顿的雷亚盐队美国.S. 最高法院于2006年颁布了裁决 南达科塔诉Wayfair案. 这是一个备受期待的, 有时, polarizing case and many business owners are rightfully concerned about what this might mean for their business. 现在有很多事情要做和考虑,因为他们的决定是国家的法律. 继续阅读 关于这个决定意味着什么以及你应该做什么,我有一些想法 现在 开始你们对这一历史性事件的回应.

最高法院宣布南达科他州与. Wayfair决定

如果你曾在销售税关系的语境中听说过“实体存在”这个词, 好吧, 多亏了最高法院, 这个概念基本上已经过时了. 这是20多年来关于网赌正规网站排名关系的最重要的裁决, 法庭站在南达科他州一边. 继续读下去.

什么Wayfair?! 如何Wayfair vs. 南达科他州将影响企业处理销售税的方式(播客)

来了解这个里程碑式的案子, 雷亚的州和地方税务服务团队访问了华盛顿特区.C. 在四月听取南达科塔州与. Wayfair案例.


We are committed to serving businesses across all industries and are committed to building our suite of services designed to address unique challenges across a wide range of industries. 经常查看SALT服务团队还可以做什么!

  • 建设- - - - - - 意图’s dedicated team of state and local tax experts are committed to revealing and addressing issues that may have been overlooked in the past. Identifying current savings opportunities and counseling businesses on existing and future SALT matters and 激励 based projects for construction companies. 继续读下去 想知道我们能帮你什么.
  • 业务的估值, 如果你在市场上或买入或准备卖出, 没有对公司的州和地方网赌正规网站排名义务进行适当的评估, 你永远不知道自己要面对的是什么.
  • 制造业, 状态 and local tax concerns are just part of the day-to-day as a manufacturer and it just got more tricky 现在 that the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of South Dakota, 有效地使物理存在成为对过去的思考.



联系雷亚州和当地的税务服务团队 查明您的业务活动是否使您面临合规问题的风险.